Our Favourite Movies Of All Times


Thrillers, action, comedy, horror, sci-fi, historic, drama… You name it if you love it. Movies! One of the greatest ways of entertainment man has ever discovered. Sometimes shot to entertain or cause the rise of adrenalin in viewers and sometimes made to ask important questions or simply show the beauty of the world, movies have fascinated our minds for almost a hundred years now. And in all that time, some rose to be better than others. Here is the list of the favorite ones, made by thousands of voters in an online voting pole.

ShawshankRedemptionMoviePosterThe Shawshank Redemption – 1994. movie starring Morgan Freeman as a man sentenced to life in jail that finds friend and turns into a really incredible individual. This emotional movie has made a huge impact on the viewers and bares the first place despite the fact that it was not a blockbuster or a great hit at the time, but the story of redemption, spiritual healing, happiness and eventually some dark realizations.

Godfather – the original gangster story. The one that starred Marlon Brando and gave birth to a whole genre of movies that tried to copy it afterwards. For over 40 years has fascinated the people and movie lovers, becoming one of the iconic movies of the century. Lines like “the offer you can’t refuse” and the scenes like the one with the severed horse head in the bed had many reenactments and homages later in the film history making this a cult movie and a classic that every moviegoer must watch. The story of the rise of Corleone’s empire is one that inspired generations of both film makers and film viewers and it is one of the defining movies of the decade it was made in.

batman-begins-the-dark-knight-the-dark-knight-rises-posterThe Dark Knight – the newest Batman trilogy that found a staggering 3rd place on this list serves to show that not all classics are already made and established and that new cinema still has something to surprise us. Gritty and dark re-boot of the DC’s classic under the skillful guide of Christopher Nolan hit cinemas and made every Batman fan go mad. It is rare to see the movie about masked vigilante gets an Oscar. Even after many movies about Batman were already made, Nolan proved that he can make something that will make us forget about them.

159036343_80c04aPulp Fiction – Quentin Tarantino, a man that had to appear on this list is here for a reason. After so many great movies, his work has created an army of loyal fans, Tarantino lovers, that seek that special feel and tone to the movie that only he can give them. Tarantino is a master, and Pulp Fiction is his master work for sure. Every time you see this movie, scenes that you know word for word will be fresh and interesting and that is not something that many people can do. Pulp Fiction is so entertaining and amusing that you sometimes forget how dark and sarcastic it really is, but then Tarantino reminds you of it by some random act of violence, and all is fine again.